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Lion Or Gazelle: I Might Love You

Following the disillusion of his marriage and his art-noise band, I am the slow dancing umbrella, Ring decided to sit down and teach himself to write a pop song. 72 songs later, he gave the recordings to a trusted editor, who winnowed them down to the essentials. The result is “I Might Love You”, a collection of love songs built around artful arrangements and lyrics, both heartbreaking and hopeful. Sounding like the lovechild of Elliot Smith and Brian Wilson, any song on “I Might Love You” could begin as a forlorn dirge, mutate into an ecstatic anthem and then melt back upon itself.

Track Listing:

Side A

1. Love In My Heart

2. Built My House Upon The Sand

3. I Might Love You

4. Snowflakes Warpaint

5. Yes Sir!

6. Track 8

7. Squids With Teeth Who Swear

8. People Change

9. Rain Down

10. Jomah

Side B

11. Lovely Dan

12. Country Pleasure Trot

13. Hungry Ghost

14. I Rose

15. Cult Leading

16. You Look Frightened

17. I Am A River Of Blood

18. Brokers Thunder

19. Devilishness

20. Have You Ever Seen This Boy Dance

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