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Actual Wolf: Actual Wolf

Limited edition (200) 12" opaque red vinyl in a mixed media (photo and ink), hand-screened jacket

Photo by George Roedler, art/design by Skatradioh - includes MP3 download card


Produced by Alan Sparhawk (Low) and mixed by Erik Koskinen (Trampled by Turtles' "Palomino" album), Actual Wolf (Eric Pollard) comfortably embodies timeless, meticulous studio technique that all-at-once recalls the bygone sonic craftsmen of Detroit, Nashville and California. Layered vocals and rich, tube-driven guitars lend a warm patina. Complex harmonies soar and shimmer, to hang like restless hawks in the thermals above the rich, earthy loam of Pollard's effortless, working class poeticism.


This is the sound of a New Americana: an accretion of influences as rich, dense and multicolored as society itself. Using ragged and tattered maps drawn by the weary, troubled troubadours of eras past, Actual Wolf navigates the freshly paved highways of the contemporary palette. Those looking for easy points of reference should abandon their compass and just enjoy the view, but if there was a Rushmore on this horizon, it might include Hank Sr., Brian and Dennis Wilson, the ever-present Zimmerman and hey... is that Paul Simon, too? 


Like those songsters before him angels and devils mingle in neutral territory, and stubborn optimism burns life's accumulated disappointment as fuel. For Actual Wolf, its simply what he knows.


Track listing:

1. Kerosene and Spark

2. Let it go

3. Do you still want me to

4. Victims + things

5. The lucky one

6. Hydrant eyes

7. 1,000 eyes

8. Little girl

9. Burden's bloom


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