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Hobo Nephews of Uncle Frank: Number One Contender

Number One Contender was recorded live to tape over four wintry days and nights in the north woods of Minnesota. The sophomore album captures the energy and emotion of the Hobo Nephews’ sound more than ever before. Teague and Ian’s New Jersey roots squarely align them with the spirit of the big-hearted underdog. This, combined with the whisper of the wind through the pines, and the cadence of the open road, has lent Number One Contender a unique sound. The Hobo Nephews’ emerging strength, however, is the knowledge and perseverance to develop an original American sound as platform for two distinct American voices.

12″ Vinyl LP.

Side A

Between the Lamp Post and the Blue Moon

Just a Man

Moving Towards Moving On

I’m Behind You


When We’re Smokin’

5 Foot

Number One Contendor

Side B

All Night Long Won’t Be Long Enough

Alive and Breathing

Blood Brothers


Lover Undercover

1000 Miles from Home

The Last Dance

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