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Meeting Charlie Parr DVD

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It started back in Australia when we heard Charlie playing live in Sydney. We fell in love with his music and went to see him play a year later in Paris. We met him there, chatted with him and he invited us to go to Duluth, whenever we wanted to. We decided to take this opportunity to do a documentary about this unique musician.

The idea was that Charlie’s character and music would be an excuse for us to get to know the US from a different angle. We are all interested in the US for various reasons, and we thought that going there to meet an emblematic Minnesota singer was a perfect starting point for a journey off the beaten track.

We created Meeting Charlie Parr as a movie focused on his character, but with a look that is our own. We wanted MCP to be as much about Charlie as about his country.

He makes very intense music, that makes this documentary intense as well because although the music can be dark, this is all about bright things. Being satisfied, enjoying the present, being happy to wake up every day, and always being ready to travel...


A Film by:

Francois Xavier Dubois

Charles Dubois

Julien Bertrand

Nicolas Reverchon


Run time = 71 minutes.

Available in both NTSC (US) and PAL (EU) formats.

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